Our Story

Optimal HRV helps you get the very best from your people without impacting their mental health. Find out how it all began.

Optimal HRV was created out of a passion to use science to address individual mental health issues and provide people with life-changing insights into their own psychological and physical wellbeing. Throughout the USA it supports a wide range of organisations including Police Forces, Medical Professionals and Therapists, helping to address the growing concerns over mental health issues.

In 2020 the founder and driving force of Optimal HRV, Matt Bennett, was invited to work with US companies based in the UK. Subsequently, OptimalUK was formed, making the powerful technology accessible to all organisations across the UK. Here our aim is to work with organisations who understand the value of a Healthy Workforce and to use science to maintain Employee Wellbeing.

Matt Bennett is a relentless advocate for trauma-informed care and other interventions that help people deal with the day to day stresses of life. He is one of the leading experts in his field and with a Master Degree in Community Psychology from the famous Ball State University. He is a well known speaker on all matters related to Health & Wellbeing.

Within Optimal UK, Matt has crafted a team of individuals who can ensure the benefits of HRV technology are made available to all UK based private and public sector organisations. Based in Chester, Optimal UK is well positioned to support customers throughout the UK to develop and maintain strategies that ensure a Healthy Workforce.


Calling All Innovators

We’re on the search for organisations who believe in the value of a healthy workforce. We have limited spaces for a FREE TRIAL of our application. There’s no commitment and no associated costs, we just ask that the trial should last at least 30 days.

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