Monitoring to Improve Business Performance

A happy and healthy workforce increases performance and productivity within any organisation.

Our simple bio-metric app allows you to track your employee’s health and well-being, wherever or whenever they are working. By providing instant updates and alerts we allow you better manage employee welfare.

Optimal HRV helps you get the very best from your people without impacting their mental health.

The Changing Work Environment

In 2020 the workplace changed.

Many organisations have adopted remote and flexible working because of Covid-19. These changes focused on both the safety of the workforce and the needs of the organisation.

As flexible working continues, we now need to adopt new strategies that ensure employees can cope with this new way of working. 

Whether you have employees working from home, from the office or both, one thing is constant, we are all experiencing significant change.

The ability to cope with change varies from person to person and can affect their overall physical, mental, and social health.

How Our Application Works?

Optimal HRV gives an accurate indication of each employees’ Mental Health & Wellbeing.

It only takes five minutes per day for employees to capture and upload their data to our secure cloud using the latest Bluetooth technology. By capturing employee data in this way, you can identify any issues you may have within the workplace. This allows you to intervene before it impacts either business performance, or the individuals own health and well-being.

Optimal HRV not only allows you to focus your existing health and wellbeing support where it will be most effective, it also tracks the results of any steps you take.

Whilst there are many applications available that use established Heart Rate Variability (HRV) technology to track individual health and wellbeing, Optimal HRV is the only application that has developed specifically for use in the workplace.


The Value of a Healthy Workforce

If your people are happy and healthy, they will be more motivated to make your business a success and less prone to suffer from mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression. Here are just some of the many benefits to your business: 

Mental Health and its associated symptoms are the number one cause of workplace sickness and absence in the workplace.  Tracking individual stress levels enables you to implement an early intervention strategy thereby reducing rates of sickness and absence, both short and long term.

Changing HRV levels over time is an indicator of developing mental health issues. By monitoring and managing these you can better identify individuals with stress, anxiety, depression and a range of other issues. Early intervention is key in situations like this to retain valued members of staff and consequently reduce turnover levels.

Under the 1974 Health & Safety at Work Act you have a duty of care in respect of your employees. Providing an employee opt-in scheme to monitor individual Health & Wellbeing levels will help ensure you meet your obligations in part and provide some protection from potential employee litigation.

In a recent customer project, we established that 85% of the customers top performers had optimised HRV levels. This clearly demonstrated the business benefits of managing HRV to ensure maximum performance is achieved.
Employee attitudes to customers can have either a positive or negative impact on an organisations brand. In addition, research completed during the pandemic identified that customers now consider how you treat your employees when making brand choices.
Demonstrating a commitment to employee welfare in this way will lead to higher levels of positive employee engagement within the organisation. This in turn will lead to increased levels of motivation, loyalty and productivity and higher customer satisfaction ratings externally.

Changing HRV levels over time is an indicator of developing mental health issues. By monitoring and managing these you can target your Health & Wellbeing resources where they are most needed. This ensures you achieve maximum benefit from these interventions and enhance the ROI on any investment you make, by deciding what works and what does not.

Often Mental Health at work issues can be a consequence of management styles, inadequate training, or the job role itself. By comparing different teams, departments, or sites to help determine the cause of individual mental health issues and resolve them to ensure a level of consistent performance across the organisation.
What sets many organisations apart over time are not hygiene factors such as working hours or rates of pay it is the workplace culture. A healthy and happy workplace culture not only helps ensures you retain key members of staff it allows makes attracting new staff far easier and cost less.

An individual who is suffering from Mental Health issues will exhibit a range of characteristics. These can include poor judgment and decision making, create workplace and customer conflict, exhibit paranoia and presenteeism. All these characteristics will impair individual performance and ultimately operational performance if not addressed.

Return on Investment

Whether you are focused on reducing staff turnover, sickness and absence levels, brand image or customer satisfaction ratings, our low cost application is designed with the business in mind.

We can help you to optimise individual performance to get the best from your people, whilst at the same time monitoring overall physical and mental well-being.

To maximise your Return on Investment, we can provide a range of options to suit any budget, including limited spaces on our FREE 30 DAY TRIAL.


Calling All Innovators

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